One of my highlights of early 2019 was my annual Southwest Photo Trip. This year, I had the pleasure of traveling with Lucas Jensen. Here are some highlight of our trip. {Lucas is a coffee dude so at each stop, we sought out great coffee shops.}

Day 1 – Fly DSM to PHX, Drive PHX to Palm Springs
{coffee at Starbucks}

Day 2 – Engagement photos for Toby and Michelle around Joshua Tree National Park and Yucca Valley, drive to San Fransisco
{coffee at Cartel}

Day 3 – Engagement photos for Matt and Erin around San Fransisco (Mt. Tamalpais, Muir Woods, Tiburon)
{coffee at Andytown}

Day 4 – Drive to Big Sur, engagement photos for Brad and Emily, drive to San Luis Obispo
{coffee at Four Barrel then Cat and Cloud}

Day 5 – Drive from San Luis Obispo to Rancho Paulos Verdes
{coffee at Scout then Civil}

Day 6 – Shoot with Nation family in RPV, shoot with Courtney and Kali in Hollywood
{coffee at Two Guns, Intellegensia, then Menottis}

Day 7 – Drive from RPV to Pheonix for Corral West Adventures event with Heroes and Horses
{coffee at Augies then Arcade}

Day 8 – Shoot with Jack and Kerrie at Corral West Adventures on a sunset ride
{coffee at futuro, four till four}

Day 9 – Shoot engagement photos (part 2) with Zac and Jordan, shoot engagement photos with Tyler and Kristin

Day 10 – Quick family photos with the Taylors, drive up to Sedona for lunch and back to PHX to fly back to DSM

I am already dreaming about 2020. Let me know if you want to meet me out on one of my trips!