I get alot of questions about what to wear for your session. Here are some thoughts:

At the end of the day, these are your photos and I want them to represent YOU! Wear whatever formal dresses you like and feel good in. The following comments are my personal opinions and though I believe these will give you the best results, I have been wrong before. 

First off, I want to make sure you feel full freedom. Do what you want. If you saw something amazing that someone else did? Do it yourself. If you want to do something you have never seen before? Do it. Work within what you can afford. Borrow, Rent, Buy. Do what makes sense for you and your family. 


I am photographing you! I want you to look and feel like yourself. Do you love bright colors or busy patterns? Wear it! We will find locations that fit with what you are wearing. As a general rule, I prefer solid colors and simple patterns but as soon as I say that, someone has a loud top that I love in photos. Earth tones are always safe in Iowa. 


I personally am not a big fan of having everyone matching. I think you can stay in the same color palette or family and get a cohesive feel better than having everyone wear the exact same outfit. The exception to this rule may be dressing twins and siblings.


I have found that fitted tops tend to photograph better than really baggy layers. I would aim to establish the bust and define the waist. The best way to show how small you are, is to show how small you are. Often times we try to hide parts of us we are less confident in. I totally understand. Sometimes we go too far though and it ends up adding bulk to that area and excentuating that area. My job is to pose you and minimize the spots you are less confident in and accent your features you are confident in. 

Hair/Makeup – I want these photos to represent you. I love having my clients get their makeup done, but only if it is how you want to be remembered and portrayed. I never want to deliver photos that are inauthentic or not a representation of you! 


The most important element in menswear is fit. I would try to work within what you are comfortable in. A man in a well fitting suit is about as good as we get as men. Get your hair cut a few days before the session so you have a little time to live in it.


DO IT UP! I love seeing your kids in the cutest outfits you can find. I work fast. Let’s get these photos taken before they destroy the outfit and if they do, great! Let’s capture all that life!  It doesn’t have to be complicated if you don’t want it to be. Personally, I would stay away from shirts with a lot of words on them and athletic wear but heck, if that’s what they are wearing, I will shoot it!

I want you to look and feel like yourself. I know outfits can cause a lot of tension and expectations. Remember that the best ingredient for any photos is natural joy and connection. I would rather you and your family be a little sloppier but have genuine affection for each other than you have perfect outfits and hair but be miserable the entire time.

– Justin