We love to road trip. This trip started with some work in Boulder. We proceeded up to Cheyenne and ran through the Snowy Mountains and decided to keep going. We worked our way up through Pinedale and into Jackson Hole. Our pictures start in the Tetons. I love the Tetons. We went a few years ago and this time didn’t disappoint. We worked our way up into Yellowstone. I hadn’t been to Yellowstone since I was a kid and I figured it would be a little bit over-rated but we LOVED it. We especially loved Old Faithful and the drive out the North side to Bozeman. We had the best meal at the Old Saloon just outside of Yellowstone and we ended up driving through Yellowstone again the next day and eating at the Old Saloon again. We were going to head home but since we were “so close” we decided to head up to Glacier National Park. I had been in 2018 but since COVID, the park had shut down the Road to the Sun and we were not able to get tickets. We loved our first night there but the next morning, Sully jumped into the hide-a-bed and had to get stitches on his leg which put a bit of a damper on our time. We re-grouped and made our way back across North Dakota stopping at Theodore Roosevelt National Park and got to see my buddy Ian Johnson in Fargo. Finally, we got Pei Wei in MSP before we drove back south to Iowa.