Every few years I put together a post of a few things I am hot on so here are some of my favorite things right now! These are all things that I personally own and love with the exception of that specific L.L. Bean Fleece. Also these are my own opinions and this is NOT sponsored in any way.

The Plus Candle from Imogene + Willie

This is my all time favorite candle. It is a bit of a splurge but it is the actual best.

Smoked Salmon with Cajun Spices from Northern Waters Smokehouse

The Cajun Fin from Northern Waters is on of my favorite sandwiches on the planet. Get this and make it for yourself.

Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash from Aesop

Another one of life’s simple pleasures is a good soap with an amazing smell. A splurge for hand soap but it makes me happy when I wash my hands.

National Parks Pass

Ali and I have loved exploring the national parks with our family.

Sunday Performance Jogger from Vuori

Pretty much what I wore all summer and fall.

Sweater Fleece Pullover from L.L. Bean

Quencher Tumbler from Stanley

Believe the hype. Fill it with ice and Stok cold brew with a little milk.

Holiday Candle from Rifle Paper Co

Favorite holiday smell this year.

Pendleton Sherpa Fleece Blanket from Costco

I love the wool blankets for the longevity but we have loved the price and the comfiness of these fleece blankets!

Doug Good Feather Canyon Overshirt from Faherty

Steal my look! I love the feel of these over shirts, I have a few and wear them almost everyday.

Maldon Salt from Amazon

You need this in your kitchen.

An American in Provence by Jamie Beck

One of my favorite photographers has put together a gorgeous book of photography, life and art.

Bloomsbury Farm Shirt from Bloomsbury Farms

Even if you haven’t been yet, get this. This is my favorite t-shirt! Their sweatshirts are incredible too.