Beautiful sunset over Lake Dillon

I love to travel! I am one of 7 kids and when I was young, my family rarely stayed in hotels (how many rooms would that even take?) We would camp. I have so many great memories traveling across the country in our 1973 Chevy Suburban with three bench seats. We would visit national parks and stay in campgrounds. I have traded out the ’73 suburban for a Chrysler Town and Country and my family stays in hotels instead of camping but I love long road trips. 

This year has been one for the books in terms of travel. 

Hawaii (Maui & The Big Island)
New York City (3 times)
Kansas City (10 times)
Pheonix > Sedona > Palm Springs > LA > San Luis Obispo > LA > Sequoia National Forest > Pheonix
Des Moines > Bozeman > Salt Lake City >  Moab > Durango > Santa Fe > Des Moines
Key West
Chicago (2 times)
Lanesborough, Minnesota
Park Rapids, Minnesota
Stillwater Minnesota
Giungano, Italy > Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland > Santa Margherita, Italy
Charolette, North Carolina
Des Moines > St. Louis > Nashville > Fayetteville > Des Moines

Big thanks to my travel companions, my wife and kids, Cullen Powers, Andy Hewitt, Mark Gowen, and Lucas Jensen.

Thank you to my amazing clients and friends who have trusted me with capturing photos for you!

A few of the photos below are shot by the amazing Cullen Powers. If I am in the photo, it is safe to assume he shot it.