As a teenager in Des Moines in the mid 90’s, I remember going and watching the airplanes land at a little parking lot just off of McKinley. Termed the “Blue Light Special” because the primarily blue lights from the taxiway lit up the entire parking area. I remember the place left me with a surreal feeling. After 9/11, the parking lot was closed down and now the spot is occupied by the Air Guard. Since the spot is no longer accessible, a literal recreation is impossible. Instead, I wanted to shoot the spot, not how it was, but how I remember it. I wanted to represent not the car I had (a ’89 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera) but the way my first car felt to me. Huge thanks for Grant Corell for the use of his Ferrari 348 TS and to the Des Moines International Airport for letting me photograph supervised on premise.


CREATIVE COLLABORATIONS: A monthly series of creative photo shoots bringing together some of my favorite professionals in the industry to develop and execute concepts we may not normally get to do.

Models: Nathanael and Ashley Long
Hair: Katie Jo Nelson
Makeup: Lauren Samson
Styling: Belle Du Chein
Photography Assistants: Austin Johnson, Andy Hewitt, Gabe Klein
Creative Director/Photographer: Justin Salem Meyer