A great photographer can be transparent. They capture the beauty beyond the lens and don’t get in the way. A great photo is timeless and tells a compelling story often leaving the photographer forgotten.

I’m okay with that. The industry is changing so fast now, from film to digital, from digital back to film, camera phones, cameras in your computers, photoshop, we are bombarded. The styling trends will come and go but the precious, honest moments will be preserved and remembered in a photo. I want to capture and collect those moments for you.

I am happily married to my gorgeous best friend, Ali. We have three wonderful children, Gwen, Sully and Finn. Our home is protected (from cats) by our faithful black lab, Olive. As far as the more controversial areas in my life, I am a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, an Iowa State fan, a fly-fisherman, and a Christian. I love my church, Walnut Creek Downtown and would love to see you there!I sincerely want to thank you for taking time to check out my website.
– Justin